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Manziel and his Minutemen: Acknowledged as a Fact of Football Life

Fans of the Texas Aggies’ opponents probably feel the pressure is on their defenses to stop, or at the very least, somewhat contain Johnny Manziel and his army of gridiron plunderers and pillagers.  Over the last season and a half, Manziel and his Minutemen have shown us the consistency and explosiveness, drive after drive, that have earned college football’s admiration and respect. Wow, is that really all it has been? It seems like these guys have been around forever.

The pressure is NOT on the opposing teams’ defenses, but their offenses. Their defenses, as revealed during the Alabama game, are SUPPOSED to get drilled. It’s a fact of Football Life. They’re going down, shaking their heads, tackling air and wringing their hands as they go. The defensive guys know this going in, and afterwards just shrug their shoulders as if they’d just seen the inside of the gallows.

When the onslaught finally ends, the vanquished can only hope they’re all still friends and have maintained a semblance of respect for one another. Then there are those darned film sessions where they can actually watch themselves searching the turf for their mouthpieces…and their jocks. It can’t be a pleasant moment in a young career.

Once they are done playing the Aggies, opponents can look forward to playing some normal games again.

As for their fans—hell, they know it too. The statistics are just too gory for some to face and won’t be belabored here. No, it’s the opposing offenses that better get themselves in gear, as Alabama’s did on that hot afternoon in September. The Crimson Tide brought and executed the blueprint for beating the Aggies. Give Caesar what is Caesar’s, and grab as much land as you can in the process. Fortunately for those teams left on the Aggies’ schedule, there’s land to be had. It’s just up to the opposing offenses to take it.

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  • Evelyn Griffin

    As the mom of a former D-1 volleyball player, I can tell you I appreciate the coverage! The Aggies have a fantastic setter (the position my daughter played…lol) and the matchup should be a great one!