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Here’s the “Players Top 25 Poll” presented earlier this week by the humble college football experts repping

Our Board implores every Top 25 team to continue to DOMINATE on the field and keep your fans and stockholders as well-heeled as possible. You’ve done well, pilgrims, but we’re only halfway home.

Remember, there is so much more to this game than simply going out partying after a win with the guys. Ask yourself; “Did we really get it done for ALL of our true believers?”

Take Ohio State’s last touchdown against Northwestern for instance. We all know how close that game was. Try to stay away from putting yourself in such an embarrassing situation in the first place; it’s not becoming of a real Top 25 team. Sure, wins count, but we’re talking about the game of life here. We place this game confidently in your talented hands every weekend. Awareness is the key. Keep your heads on a swivel at all times.

To your credit, the risk-reward factor has been just scrumptious. Our stock continues to rise. We are fortunate to have surrounded ourselves with such productive departments and management teams, such as yours. You bring home the bacon and honestly, we couldn’t have done it without you. You certainly deserve some of the credit.

This weekend we expect the same fast and easy blowouts each of you has provided us thus far this season…except for you, Fresno.

We’re realizing you kind of suck at this, but you’re still 5-0. Quit letting your supporters down; you’re enduring far too many nail-biters. Every family, and we are a family here, has a black sheep. You know what we’re talking about and you know we’re right. Pick it up a level. BE MORE IMPRESSIVE! We love ya, but we may have to let you go if some vast improvement isn’t made in your killer instinct. Annihilation is the name of this poll…or should be.

Consider this your mid-season evaluation and deficiency plan. We have every confidence you can still git ‘er done. Don’t let us down. We’re giving you a week’s paid leave of absence to get your head on straight. Take advantage of it.

For everyone else, there’s no pressure, men; just poise and confidence. Trust us; your “fans” adore you, laughing all the way to the ticket counter. Here at Maroon Madness we have several Office pools to win — which is even more important. Fantasy Football is no comparison to these slugfests out here in the real world. Your success is imperative for our maintaining company bragging rights; possibly our greatest risk of all. Go get ‘em, guys! We believe!

Go beat the tar outta somebody.

Here is our Original Kick-A list and pending matchups:

  • 1.    Oregon 5-0 -13.5 @ No. 19 Washington
  • 2.    Baylor 4-0 -17 @ Kansas State
  • 3.    Houston 4-0 -9.5 vs Memphis
  • 4.    UCLA 4-0 -25 vs California
  • 5.    Missouri 5-0 +7.5 @ Georgia
  • 6.    Florida State 5-0 Open Week
  • 7.    Miami 5-0 Open Week
  • 8.    Texas Tech 5-0 -14 vs Iowa State
  • 9.    Ohio State 6-0 Open
  • 10.Michigan 5-0 -2.5 @ Penn State
  • 11.Louisville 6-0 -19.5 beat Rutgers 24-10 (Weak)
  • 12.Clemson 5-0 -24.5 vs Boston College
  • 13.Oklahoma 5-0 -13.5 vs Texas (Neutral Site)
  • 14.Northern Illinois 5-0 -23.5 vs Akron
  • 15.Alabama 5-0 -27 @ Kentucky
  • 16.Stanford 5-0 -8 @ Utah
  • 17.Fresno State 5-0 Open Week
  • 18.Ball State 5-1 -14.5 vs Ball State
  • 19.Washington 4-1 +13.5 vs No. 1 Oregon
  • 20.Bowling Green 5-1 +9.5 @ Mississippi State
  • 21.Central Florida 4-1 Open Week
  • 22.Ohio 4-1 -17.5 vs Central Michigan
  • 23.LSU 5-1 -7 vs Florida
  • 24.Nebraska 4-1 -14 @ Purdue
  • 25.Texas A&M 4-1 -5.5 @ Ole Miss

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