The best case scenario for Texas A&M Football in 2017

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Best Case Scenario No. 5

A National Championship

The best scenario, but the least likely to happen, would be the Aggies bringing home the National Title. The Aggies have a lot to overcome but it is still possible. Most sports writers and commentators are counting the Aggies out. However, the Aggies tend to do better when they are overlooked by everyone.  As soon as people start giving the team the credit they deserve they fall apart.

If the Aggies start the season off well people are going to jump on the bandwagon. The Aggies will have to keep all the talk behind them and focus on the game so that they will continue to do well. This is the very best scenario the Texas A&M Football team could ask for. Nothing is impossible in the world of sports.

No more excuses

The Aggies have no excuses as to why they cannot win a National Title. The team has had a top 15 recruiting class for the last few years so talent is not the problem. If the team stays level-headed and hungry they can reach their goal. They’re going to have to learn how to block out the outside noise. They will also have to stop being about the “swag” attitude and just act like normal people.

Texas A&M has no excuse for having a mid-season melt down the last three years. If they want to prove everyone wrong they are going to have to work hard and put the time and effort in when nobody is watching.

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And now we wait

These are some of the best scenarios that can happen for the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Football team. They can have an amazing dual-threat quarterback that can lead them to the playoffs. If you add John “The Chief” Chavis and his defense into the mix the Aggies could possibly bring home the National Title. The 12th Man has high expectations for this team and they are ready for the Aggies to wreck the SEC.