Texas A&M Football: Top Aggie road trips in the SEC

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Just like their product on the field, the town of Tuscaloosa is second to none. The Crimson Tide play in one of the most elite atmospheres college football has to offer. Coach Saban and their boosters have built up a venue that resonates an aura of success and tradition which hits you the second you walk through the admittance gate.

The tailgates also pull no punches. With Greek housing just minutes away from the stadium, students are offered one of the most unique game day atmospheres in the country. I will say though that just like with the tigers down in Baton Rouge, there’s no question you’re going to hear your fair share of playful trash talk before kickoff. However, once the referee blows that whistle to start the game it’s a whole different world you’re stepping into. You would think these people’s mortgages were on the line the way they yell inside of Bryant Denny stadium.

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Pro tip

Once again, just like the Cajuns in LSU, the tshirt fans will be out and about for the entirety of your stay in Tuscaloosa. Make sure to grab your seats around some fellow Ags or I doubt you’ll make it through the second half, no matter what the score is. Trust me, listening to Billy Ray Bob and his wife Daisy Lynn slurr “Rollllll tide” for an entire quarter will quickly begin to take its toll.

On a lighter note, the Crimson Tide’s “million dollar band” puts on a tremendous pregame show in the campus court yard prior to kickoff; I would highly recommend.