Texas A&M Football: Evaluating the quarterback performances in Week 2

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What does this mean for the future of Aggie fans and Kevin Sumlin?

For the Aggie fans, this obviously isn’t the ideal situation. But for now, it’s what we got. So, what does this mean? Well, it means our running backs better stay healthy because we will be relying on them to carry a heavy load this year. It also means that the play calling is going to have to get much more creative. Doing the same RPO and read option plays can get predictable. The Aggies need a new element of some kind to their game.

Another result is that the defense better start doing a few extra sprints after practice in order to get in shape. They may have to be on the field more often if the offense has a hard time getting things going and getting organized.

Unfortunately, there is one more repercussion of this whole situation. The lack of a for sure starting quarterback typically means sporadic play amongst the team. Sporadic play is not something that Kevin Sumlin needs. He needs solid, strong play like the first two quarters of the season.

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Could this quarterback dilemma be the end of Sumlin? Who knows. Through my eyes though, it sure isn’t helping. Let’s hope that one of the young men can step up and be the play maker and saving grace the Aggies need.

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