Texas A&M Football: Advanced stats and the Aggie defense

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Passing S&P+

The next stat is Passing S&P+. Just as Rushing S&P+ measures the defense’s ability to stop the run, Passing S&P+ does the same against the pass. In watching the games this year, it would be easy to guess that the Aggies struggle in this area.

But, they are 33rd in the country with a rating of 110.5. Having an above average defense has helped the team cope with the lackluster offense, and the defense has been good all around. Around the Aggies at 33rd are Ohio State at 35th, Arizona State at 34th, and Oregon at 32nd. Clemson, Notre Dame, Auburn, and Alabama round out the top four in this statistic.

Comparing it to the 2016 squad sees another area where the Aggies have improved. Last year, they were 60th in the country. Much of this was probably passes over the middle, as the linebacking corps was extremely thin and suspect.