Texas A&M Football: Advanced stats and the Aggie defense

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Overall Defensive S&P+

All of these statistics, save for Havoc Rate, are opponent adjusted. This means that playing the offensive juggernauts Florida and Nicholls State is accounted for in the overall counting. All of it comes together to form the total defensive ranking, Defensive S&P+. Texas A&M is ranked 70th, with a projected opponent scoring 28 points per game. Within the rankings, there are weights applied to each of them that moves the final S&P+ ranking around.

I also can’t help but think that the mediocre ranking of the defense stems from offensive issues, as discussed last week. The more the defense is on the field, the more worn down they are, and the more plays get run against them. A great defense won’t be great for very long if the offense can only muster up three plays and a punt. In my opinion, that is what is going on here.

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Overall, the future looks bright for this group of young players. For a full look at what Texas A&M is up to in the advanced stats category, go check out the Aggie’s Advanced Statistical Profile.