Texas A&M Football: 6 Best candidates to replace Kevin Sumlin

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Chad Morris (SMU)

Chad Morris is the most likely up-and-coming head coach on this list to wind up in College Station. Texas A&M hired Kevin Sumlin from the AAC in 2012, plucking him from Houston after several successful years with the Cougars.

Morris is a Texas A&M grad. He reportedly turned down advances from Baylor a year ago because he thought there was a chance that the Aggies could come calling at some point soon. Morris will undoubtedly get a courtesy call, at the very least.

The real question with Morris is whether or not the Aggies want to break the bank. The administration has said money is not an option in the past, but they did just cut Kevin Sumlin a pretty sizable check to go coach somewhere else. Morris would be the affordable option of these five.

The Aggies have fresh memories of adding an unproven coach from the Power-5 ranks. They also have a new reputation to uphold. Texas A&M is an SEC contender. That’s the image they want to project to the world.

Going with a name that doesn’t already carry national weight might cause some to perceive that the Aggies are entering a rebuild. That shouldn’t be the case, but it won’t hurt to pick a name that is both proven and capable of putting the Aggies on the map.