Texas A&M Football: 3 Reasons Les Miles isn’t an option

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3. Nobody else wanted him for a reason

Why do you think Les Miles is still out of coaching? It’s not by choice. Just google Les Miles coaching rumors. He’s been linked to the Ole Miss, Western Michigan, Purdue, Houston jobs and others. None of those programs hired him, and none of them really gave him much consideration at all.

Miles isn’t a diamond in the rough. He’s not an up-and-coming coach that’s waiting for his chance on the big stage. He’s a well-known veteran coach with a body of work that’s been picked over several times by dozens of programs at this point. Even then, nobody wanted Miles. That’s because there was always a better candidate.

Those better candidates included a handful of unproven coordinators and some names that didn’t carry the cache of Les Miles. They might not have been famous, but they were considered better alternatives than Miles.

There are plenty of FBS programs looking for head coaches this offseason and more vacancies are always possible. Texas A&M is looking for a home run hire. Les Miles is available. The pair is never going to be a reality.

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Elite coaches aren’t unemployed for that long. If Nick Saban was fired Monday morning he’d have a dozen offers by lunch time. The same goes for folks with lesser resumes. Miles just isn’t good enough and the rest of the country has made that pretty clear.