Texas A&M Football: Regular season final report card and position grades

Nick Starkel, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Nick Starkel, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /
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Going into the season, this group had to replace two starters at tackle, but going in you had to feel good that the interior would be a strength. The staff decided to move Erik McCoy to guard and move Colton Prater to center. I was fine with that move. Going into UCLA the staff released a depth chart, but on the first series that chart had already been thrown out.

Through seven games, we saw five different starting lineups, that number would grow to seven by season’s end. Not one of the positions would see the same starter for all 12 games. If you’re trying to grown and develop some continuity, how can you keep shuffling the starting lineup?

At left tackle, Koda Martin started 11 times with Prater starting the Nicholls State game. At left guard, McCoy started twice, Ryan McCollum started six times and Keaton Sutherland started the other three. At center, Prater started twice and McCoy started the other 10. At right guard, Connor Lanfear started every game but one, that went to Jared Hocker. At right tackle, Keaton Sutherland started seven times, Dan Moore once, Carson Green twice and Christian Daimler once.

After discovering this information, I almost broke my phone. Can anyone try to explain this to me? I know there were some injuries but never enough to cause this many lineup changes. Maybe offensive line coach Jim Turner was not the right guy. No one expects him to be retained by Fisher so the new line coach will have some major work to do.

Let’s find five guys and go with them. I get you need to have the backups ready to go, but when the offense is struggling, the constant movement is very dangerous.