Texas A&M Football Recruiting: Top 5 remaining targets for 2018 class

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Getting back to the big boys on the defensive line, let me introduce you to San Bernardino’s very own, Jeremiah Martin. Martin is another Cali kid who is considering USC along with Texas A&M. Nobody would blame him for wanting to stay closer to home, but man would we wish he would’ve come out east to College Station. Just watching Martin’s tape shows you what an athlete he is. At 6-foot-5 and 240 pounds, this guy has the size and strength to hang with anyone.

No, he didn’t receive as many offers as some of the other recruits, but still received offers from huge schools like UCLA, Oregon State, and Alabama. Personally, I think that Martin is one of the more physically talented guys around. With his size, you wouldn’t expect him to be as fast as he is. However, he had the speed and hands to play wide receiver in high school as well as be a dominant force on the hardwood.

More than skill

Tenacious players like Martin are found every day. Tenacity is something that can’t really be taught. It relates back to effort. I would take a less talented player who tried harder than a lazy one with skill. It’s an old cliché but hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work. I’m certainly not saying that Martin doesn’t have the talent! I’m just a huge fan of his effort! That attitude is contagious. If other players see Martin giving 100 percent, they will too. Real athletes are like that. Competitiveness is just in their blood. You can see this in Martin.

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Hopefully, Martin will bring that ferocious mentality and playmaking ability out east to College Station. If he does, it’ll be a long Saturday for opposing linemen and quarterbacks. From Aggies everywhere, we would love to have you, Jeremiah.

***All stats from 247 Sports***