Texas A&M Football: Top 5 recruiting targets for 2019 entering the Spring

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3. Erick Young

In my opinion, the play by the A&M cornerbacks has been below par for a long time. The Ags have given up too many big plays and have missed too many tackles for my liking. John Chavis had an idea to get taller, lankier corners that could compete with the Laquon Treadwells of the world. This wasn’t a terrible idea but it was one that we can now say clearly didn’t work.

What the Aggies need is a mid-size corner that’s quicker than fast, but can still cover the deep ball, and one that has some weight that can make tackles. Erick Young fits the bill.

The 4-star corner from Richmond, TX is exactly what the Aggies need in order to fix the Aggie defensive back play. At 6-foot-1 and 195 pounds, he’s shorter than guys like Myles Jones, but he counters it with muscle and strength. Now, I love his size, but something I love more than that is the way he uses said size. Young isn’t afraid to get up in a wide receiver’s face and get physical. That’s one of the best ways to unhinge an offensive play; get physical and jam the receiver at the line and knock off the timing between him and his quarterback.

Young uses his size when making tackles. Lot’s of corners are timid and don’t care to tackle people. Not Young. Going through his highlight film, you can see how he likes the contact and wants to make a play any way possible.

This type of player is what the Aggies need to let less big plays go and get more sacks and interceptions. 247sports.com is fully convinced that he’ll make College Station his home. Here’s hoping they’re correct.