Texas A&M Basketball: 5 best fits for Robert Williams in 2018 NBA Draft

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Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers played a valiant series against LeBron James and his hapless Cleveland Cavaliers supporting cast, stretching it to seven games and recording two blowout wins. They overachieved, spear-headed by out-of-nowhere All Star guard Victor Oladipo, who should win most improved player and was a borderline MVP candidate.

However, heading into this season, many believed Myles Turner would be a focal point for the Pacers and take a leap as a player. He actually scored less, shot worse, averaged less steals and blocks than he did a year ago and was a non-factor in the team’s Game 7 loss to LeBron. His defensive rating of 104.8 was outside the top 100 in the 2017-18 season for guys that played at least 50 games.

Turner is on the hook for the next two seasons, so the Pacers would likely only entertain Williams if they were able to move Turner. He doesn’t run the floor or have the same type of athleticism and defensive prowess as Williams already does. That might be a better fit for the Pacers, who will build around their budding star and are more than likely disappointed in Turner’s lack of progression.

The Pacers need someone who can create for himself alongside Oladipo as well. They were clueless as to how to break down the Cleveland defense when they doubled him high to get the ball out of his hands. Another guy who can break down the defense and find Williams rolling to the rim would make this a very dangerous team.

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Williams has plenty of places he would make sense at the next level. He could end up being under valued and under drafted based on his lack of a jumper and deficiency at the free throw line. Under the right circumstances, though, he could be a key cog on a championship roster.

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