Texas A&M Football beat Texas Longhorns in important recruiting stat

According to a recent report, Texas A&M Football spends more on recruiting than any other school in the state of Texas, including their Austin rivals.

If you were to look at the recruiting class rankings over the last few years, you would notice a trend: Texas A&M football was repeatedly at the top for the state of Texas.

If you look at 247Sports composite team class rankings in the last six years, A&M finished as the 9th, 5th, 11th, 18th, 13th and 18th ranked class from 2013-2018. The 2016 18th-ranked class came after Sumlin’s very-public debacle with his five-star quarterbacks, and the 2018 class came with the coaching change from Sumlin to Jimbo Fisher.

Three of the six times, A&M finished as the highest school in Texas. Texas finished as the highest in the other three. It’s clearly a turf battle between the two major schools in Texas. Given 2018 was a wash with the coaching change, it’s safe to say Sumlin got the better of the Austin rivals when he was at the helm.

Fisher has continued that trend with his first class with a full year to recruit. He is already cleaning up the 2019 class, especially in the state. A&M has a top five class everywhere you look; Texas is in the 20s.

It might have to do with the fact that A&M spends more on any other team in the state, according to a recent report by the Texas Tribune. A&M spent $2.7 million on recruiting in 2017. They bested even the Longhorns who spent $2.3 million.

Having said that, the Athletics department is one of the few profitable in the state. So much so that they were able to contribute to the overall health of the University, according to a statement released by Douglas Walker, senior associate athletics director for external affairs.

“Texas A&M Athletics is a fully committed partner in the overall mission of the University. Last year alone, Athletics provided significant assistance to a program to upgrade and remodel lecture halls and classrooms on the main campus,” said Walker.

They spent more money on recruiting mostly because they could. It obviously didn’t have the effect of being No. 1 in the state for the 2018 recruiting class — the Longhorns finished with a top five class overall while the Aggies were in a state of limbo — but it did give Jimbo legs to be successful with future classes.

The amount of money spent to bring Fisher in, plus the clear commitment to recruiting the best talent proves A&M is stopping at nothing to become a top-tier program.

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