Texas A&M Football: 5 reasons Nick Starkel should be the starting quarterback

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
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He is the much better passer

Starkel won the job from Mond last year due to his accuracy and overall skill as a passer. He’s just better than Mond at this point. Mond is a superior athlete and used that to be successful at the high school level. That is not going to be enough to consistently beat offenses in the SEC.

You can see the discrepancy when you look at the statistics from their starts in 2017. Starkel completed 57 percent of his passes at 9.11 yards per attempt, while Mond completed only 51.5 percent of his passes at 6.06 yards per attempt. So Starkel got the ball down the field more and still completed more of his passes.

Starkel can make just about every throw on the field and defenses will have to account for that. Mond was easy to figure out as he was so one-dimensional. Once defenses geared up to stop the run and force Mond to beat them with his arm, it was a wrap. This is mostly why Starkel earned his job back when he got healthy.