Texas A&M football: 6 people to watch against Northwestern State

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2. Daylon Mack

Folks in Aggieland have been waiting for Daylon Mack to put it in gear and just take control of this defense. This year could easily be that year and Thursday will set the tone. Coming out of Gladewater High School, Mack was a five-star recruit and was predicted to come in and dominate the trench war for the Aggies.

Like from Mond, there have been flashes from Daylon. . . but consistency is what the Aggies need. The front seven for Texas A&M is great yet again this year. If Mack can tap into that potential that everyone knows he has, then it’s going to be a long year for opposing interior linemen and running backs.

The true senior as said himself that he knows he’s underperformed. He also says that he’s taken care of some personal things and is ready to come out this season and show that he wasn’t overrated.

The two things that really need to be seen from Mack are exploding off the ball and hand work. Speed is king in football. And we all know that every play starts with the big boys up front. If Mack can be quicker off the ball than his opponent, he’s already that much closer to making a play and helping the Aggies.

Getting off the ball in time is great, but he’s also got to be able to use his hands as well. With not much room in trenches to move, there’s not much to do with your feet sometimes like linebackers do. Those big men are using their hands as their tools, just as much, if not more, than their feet. Look closely for Daylon Mack to use those big fists on Thursday to his advantage and to get off of blocks.