Texas A&M football: This Bobby Brown photo is terrifying and awesome

Bobby Brown came to the Texas A&M football team at 6-foot-4, 284 pounds. Now he’s…more. A lot more. This photo is legitimately terrifying and awesome.

One of the big wins for Texas A&M football and Jimbo Fisher last offseason was getting big defensive tackle Bobby Brown to flip from Alabama to the Aggies on signing day. On a team that featured one of the best starting front fours in the country, and deepest defensive line group in general, it was impressive that Brown found his way into the rotation in 2018.

He got valuable SEC experience, which will help Fisher and defensive coordinator Mike Elko going forward. With three of the four starters gone the Aggies will be looking to replace a ton of production.

Fisher told the press back in February that Brown had beefed up to 330 pounds, but it wasn’t until he came out to spring practice with media availability that most people got to appreciate just how big Brown is now.

He came to Texas A&M 6-foot-4 and 284 pounds. Now he looks like this:

Perhaps the funnier and more ridiculous looking photo is the one on the left that you have to click to see the full image. Here it is below with some cuppycup of Good Bull Hunting flair.

Obviously the photo is skewed by the angles and position of the two people in the photo, but it still shows just how much Brown has grown in the offseason and should be terrifying to SEC offensive lineman, especially considering the coaching staff is saying Brown can still move as well as he could when he was 282.

The defensive line may still be a strength in 2019 despite losing 75 percent of the starting unit from 2018. Bobby Brown will be a major key to that.

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