Texas A&M athletics: Rob Mullens withdraws name from Aggie A.D. search

Rob Mullens was thought to be a top choice for Texas A&M University’s next athletic director, but the Oregon A.D. has withdrawn his name from consideration.

It sure looked like Texas A&M athletics had zeroed in on an excellent candidate to be their next director, but maybe he was never truly considering the job. Or, his current university is planning to pony up the dough to keep one of the most successful athletic directors in the country. Either way he will no longer be available for the Aggies to pursue as Oregon’s Rob Mullens officially withdrew his name from consideration to replace Scott Woodward.

Other than presiding over maybe the most successful athletic period in school history, Mullens doesn’t have any prior connections to Oregon. They were the first big program to give him the title of Athletic Director and he hasn’t disappointed.

The Ducks appeared in the first ever College Football Playoff — current Texas A&M interim A.D. R.C. Slocum is actually on the College Football Playoff Committee with Mullens — and advanced to the National Championship game in the 2014 season, and also made the Men’s Final Four under Mullens in 2018. Those are just a couple of examples of Mullens’ great run at the helm.

According to Oregon Live:

Mullens is in the third of an eight-year contract through June 2024 at Oregon and earns a $717,500 salary plus deferred compensation, performance and retention bonuses, the first of which ($100,000) he’ll be owed if he’s still at UO on June 30. He is also due annual retention bonuses of $200,000 in 2020, $300,000 from 2021-23 and $1 million in 2024.

That base salary is less than Woodward was making prior to his departure, and given the importance of hiring a more than competent athletic director, with Texas A&M football and basketball trending up thanks to Woodward, one would be safe in assuming Aggie brass would have given Mullens a blank check.

The good news is Mullens was apparently a top candidate among others. Slocum and the people working with him will cross the name off the board and move on.