Texas A&M Football: Defensive tackle enters transfer portal

Just one day after Texas A&M Football landed a big recruit in the Class of 2020, they lost a player on their current roster, as junior defensive tackle Mohamed Diallo entered the transfer portal.

After Texas A&M Football gained a lot of momentum with their biggest get of the Class of 2020, they took an inch back.

On Wednesday, junior defensive tackle Mohamed Diallo reportedly entered the transfer portal. Diallo was in a battle for playing time at the defensive tackle position after not seeing the field in his first season in College Station last season.

Diallo is a transfer from Arizona Western, a junior college that commonly produces division-one transfers. Diallo, who is from Canada and had no experience playing American Football prior to his time at Arizona Western, was one of those transfers, heading to Texas A&M following last season.

While on the surface it might not seem as if Diallo’s loss is a huge deal, it still is not a good sign. Diallo had the potential to be a difference-maker down low and now will likely take his talents elsewhere.

It is worth clarifying that just because Diallo is in the transfer portal, it does not mean that he will certainly transfer. It simply means that other schools can “recruit” Diallo, sort of like a restricted free agency.

In all reality, due to playing time and the players ahead of him, Diallo is probably gone. It’s a shame that we never got to see him produce in an Aggies uniform, but we wish him the best whereever he decides to transfer to.

Texas A&M is still pretty well set in terms of talent and depth at the tackle position, so Diallo’s departure might as well go unnoticed. In the end, he becomes one of the first “what if’s” of the Jimbo Fisher era.