Texas A&M Football: Previewing the Aggies’ kicker

With Texas A&M Football’s season just weeks away, it is time to preview each position on the Aggies’ depth chart, finishing with special teams and the kicker.

Easily the most overlooked area on the team, Texas A&M Football has a legitimate strength with their special teams units.

Between the kicking positions and returning positions, the Aggies are very well set for the coming season, leaving little worry about the potential productivity of their special teams unit as a whole.

Of the special teams positions, the one that gets the most attention is the kicker. In a conference where points can occasionally be very hard to come by, the Aggies will need a consistent kicker for the coming season. Luckily, it looks as if they have one.

That kicker is Seth Small. The rising sophomore played in all but two of the Aggies’ games last season, making 20 of 28 kicks. Small hit a pair of 52 yard field goals, an impressive feat for a freshman.

Perhaps the most overlooked area of Small’s game was his proficience on extra point attempts. Small hit all 40 attempts, a rarity even for the best kickers in the country.

One thing that is absolutely vital for kickers is consistency. Small has no lack of that. Making every extra point attempt is a major mark of consistency, and when combined with his potential from long-range attempts, Small is a great commodity to have on special teams.

You never want to rely too heavily on the kicker, but Small certainly has what it takes to be sort of a saving grace for the offense at times. As long as the offense can get it within 50 yards of the goal posts, Small will hit more often than not, bringing consistency to an offense that will need to be almost perfect at times this season.