Texas A&M Football: Early game-by-game predictions for 2021

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Texas A&M Football opponent No. 12: LSU Tigers

At what point does the SEC put down the hammer and put a limit on the number of teams in the SEC who call themselves the Tigers? When was the last time somebody saw a wild Tiger in the United States? At least Prarie View A&M kept it realistic and called themselves the Panthers.

But I digress.

This could be an incredible game of college football if LSU is able to get things back on track. After a national championship season in 2019, they laid an egg and went 6-6 in 2020. If the Tigers could replicate the success that they saw a couple of years ago, this could quickly turn into a game between two teams that are competing for a College Football Playoff spot. That said, there are a lot of “ifs” in that equation.

In all likelihood, the Tigers will improve from a year ago, but not enough to be a better team than Texas A&M. Ed Orgeron will look to bounce back, but he’ll hit a roadblock in the last week of the regular season against the Aggies.

The combination of a bad LSU offense and an extremely good TAMU defense does not work out in the Tigers’ favor. Jimbo Fisher’s experienced defensive unit should have a field day.

It would be stupid not to take the Aggies in this game. Hopefully, by this point in the season, they’ll have their own offense figured out. If this game wasn’t in Baton Rouge, I’d say it could turn into a blowout. Regardless, I’ll take the Aggies in this game any day.

Prediction: Win, 11-1

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