Ranking the top 5 Texas A&M Football uniforms in the last decade

Kyler Murray, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images)
Kyler Murray, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images) /
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Texas A&M Football uniform No. 4: Dark Onyx 2013

A lot of fans don’t like these uniforms, and I can’t figure out why. Actually, that’s a lie. Aggie fans dislike these uniforms because the Texas A&M Football team took a 24-point loss in one of Johnny Manziel’s worst games while wearing these.

That said, the design is excellent, even if these uniforms resulted in an ugly loss.

Grey, or “Dark Onyx,” is not a color that you’ll see the Texas A&M Football team use in their uniforms very often. That said, you have to wonder why, as it looks amazing when it is paired with the Aggies’ classic maroon.

The jersey is entirely grey, with a detailed pattern all across and white lettering. Some fans may believe that the design team was doing too much here, but I think it works.

The only downside to these uniforms is the helmet. The helmet isn’t bad, it just doesn’t make that much sense along with the rest of the uniform. The jersey is already busy with a camouflage-type design, so why add to it with the helmet. The normal Aggies helmet would have worked well, but this uniform was still a great one.

Hopefully, the design team goes back to the dark onyx at some point, as it was a great look, even is an ugly loss.