Texas A&M Football: 3 ways Haynes King will change the offense

Haynes King, Texas A&M Football
Haynes King, Texas A&M Football /
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Texas A&M Football
Haynes King, Texas A&M Football /

Texas A&M Football starting quarterback Haynes King will make everyone else’s job easier

Again, this is something that may take a little bit of time, though the fact of the matter will remain true — Haynes King will make everybody else’s life easier.

Obviously, as a first-year quarterback, everyone else’s life will likely be a bit more difficult at first, but the potential that King possesses to lead this offense wasn’t a possibility with Mond, who was a pocket passer at heart.

This change starts with King’s legs.

Having a dual-threat quarterback who is willing to run the ball, as Texas A&M has in King, throws opposing defenses off track. It makes pass covering more difficult, especially considering the fact that King is a lethal runner. Opposing teams will be forced to keep a spy on the Aggie quarterback at all times.

They’re not just dealing with a quarterback with some natural athleticism, they’ll be dealing with a guy who was a track star in high school. King also played basketball and could virtually succeed in any sport.

This will open up space for players like Jalen Wydermyer, Ainias Smith, Caleb Chapman, and others to roam free in the secondary. King may not be as skilled of a passer as Mond right now but he’ll have more options to throw the ball to.