3 Reasons Texas A&M Football will Crush the Tide

Ainias Smith, Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports
Ainias Smith, Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports /
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Texas A&M Football Scores Early and Controls the Game

This is not an Alabama team that is built to play from behind. They can run the ball effectively and pass when needed, but when the game calls for consistent chunk plays in the pass game, the Tide are absolutely anemic. They hit one or two clutch deep shots in game two of the season, but were ultimately unable to muster enough offense when the situation called for it.

The Aggies are the only team over the past twenty years to score on each of their first two drives in five straight games to begin the season. In other words, Petrino’s scripting has been elite to start off games. Jimbo has always had something special cooked up for his script against the Tide, too, especially when you look at the 2021 game. I expect the Aggies to jump out to an early lead here, as the Tide offense will struggle mightily against the Kyle Field crowd and A&M defensive front. I think they can get scores and begin to control the game—like I’ve said, there are openings on the edges to run on this otherwise stout Bama defense—thus putting the pressure on the Tide.

If you can stop the Tide rushing attack—which I think the Aggies will be able to do—and knock them off-schedule, Milroe will be forced to pass. If he is forced to pass against Durkin’s defense, which is one of the more multiple schemes in the country, he will make a mistake—especially when you factor in the pressure he will be under from the Aggie front. Win the turnover battle, win the game.

This is our time. This is the time for Texas A&M football to go out and take what’s theirs. I am convinced they will do it, but all that matters is what happens on that field tomorrow at 2:30 PM CT tomorrow.


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