The best case scenario for Texas A&M Football in 2017

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Best Case Scenario No. 2

Texas A&M makes the College Football Playoff

Considering my first point being the Aggies could have a fantastic season, it seems only right that they would finally make the College Football Playoff. Texas A&M has never made the College Football Playoff but this could be the year. The Aggies have started off the last few seasons 5-0, making it as far as 6-0 in 2016. If they want to make it in to the playoffs this year, that would be a very good way to get started.

However to have a good chance to make the playoffs, they will need to continue the dominance all the way throughout the season only losing maybe one conference game. With Alabama on the schedule, that doesn’t leave much room for error in November. Starting the season off not ranked in the top 25, the Aggies will have a steep hill to climb in order to make it into the playoffs, but it’s not impossible.

Texas A&M is going to have to work their magic to make it into the College Football Playoff. The Aggies are going to have to show up for every game they play this year. The boys in Maroon and White cannot have any meltdowns this year they will have to stay focused on the main goal while taking each week at a time.

The Aggies are going to have to start the season off on the right foot with the first game being at the Rose Bowl against UCLA. If they can find a way to pull off wins against Alabama, Auburn, and LSU there is a good possibility of them making the playoffs, provided they beat everyone else.