Texas A&M Football: Helmet stickers for Week 1

PASADENA, CA - SEPTEMBER 03: Trayveon Williams
PASADENA, CA - SEPTEMBER 03: Trayveon Williams /
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Texas A&M football doesn’t give helmet stickers. If they did, these four guys would be deserving of special recognition for their performances in Week 1.

Despite suffering a devastating loss in their season opener against UCLA, the Aggies were still able to answer a lot of questions regarding personnel. Whether you consider this a UCLA comeback or a Texas A&M collapse, the Week 1 match up certainly was one for the ages. It has to be one of, if not the most, disappointing losses in Texas A&M football history.

Although it may take a few more days to get the taste of this loss out of our mouth’s, it’s best we all take a step back in order to see some of the positive takeaways and standout performances.

Several big questions have been asked regarding the Texas A&M football team prior to the season. Who’s going to replace Myles Garret? Will the Aggies finally be able to run the ball with consistency? Who will the starting quarterback be?

While the quarterback question probably just got even more difficult to answer going forward, the other questions were answered early and often in the first half of the game. The answers come in the form of this week’s helmet sticker recipients. These Aggie players gave it their all and showed out against the Bruins.