Texas A&M Football: What Saturday night showed us about Kevin Sumlin

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(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Texas A&M Football is 1-1, but after continuous displays of mediocrity, this Aggie has finally had enough. Kevin Sumlin is running on borrowed time and Saturday showed why the end might be in sight.

Over the past six years with Kevin Sumlin as the head man on campus, Aggie fans have found themselves on one of the wildest roller coaster rides in school history. After yet another underwhelming game against Nicholls State, it appears that ride may be finally coming to an end.

Ags, my entire life I’ve been a “glass is half full” kind of guy. However, it is now 2:55 am on Sunday morning and I’ll be the first to tell you that the glass doesn’t have a drop in it anymore.

Many of you probably don’t know, but I am a coach by trade. It’s because of this that more times than not I am always going to stick up for the guys wearing the headsets down on the sideline. Until you are personally in those shoes and control a game you can’t possibly understand all of the pressure and moving pieces that come with leading a football team.

Saturday night, though, things finally hit the boiling point for me. It’s become indefensible. For as much as Kevin Sumlin has done for this program, his tenure here has clearly peaked. Much like the past three Novembers, what I saw Saturday night was not uninspired football or even an untalented football team.

It was a group who was lost. A group who, until the fourth quarter, allowed an FCS school (who did not have a single 2-star recruit on their roster) to not only compete, but at times dominate during a game that felt like Dennis Franchione was back roaming the Kyle field sidelines. Worst of all, what Saturday night showed me is that Coach Sumlin and his staff learned nothing from the Week 1 debacle at the Rose Bowl. 

Time to cut ties?

You can critique the scheme and X’s and O’s all you want, but what it comes down to is making fundamentally sound decisions to put your team in the best position to win football games. I really hate to say it my friends, but Coach Sumlin has miserably failed to do that. Whether it is mishandling the depth chart or the continuous issue of clock management, the man who once famously told us all to “get a dog” , has appeared to be in way over his head. The notion has been brought up in the past, and the Aggies performance on the field Saturday night only solidified it.

As a fan I have a lot of respect and admiration for Kevin Sumlin. I also believe that as a fan base, we should all be very grateful for what he has done for our program in his six years at the helm. However with that being said, this is a results driven business and it’s become increasingly clear that this relationship has run its course.  Like it or not, I’d expect Scott Woodward and the AD office to be exploring the coaching carousel by the end of the month.

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