Texas A&M Football: Top Aggie road trips in the SEC

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Welcome to the Texas Tech of SEC fan bases. Sure Arkansas gives them a run for their money, but it’s hard to match the classlessness of this group. Before you think I’m being too harsh, let’s take a look back at the Aggies first trip to Columbia back in 2014 (a 52-28 beat down by the Ags).

Prior to shellacking the Gamecocks took in the first game ever broadcasted on the SEC network, their fan base found a way to ignite a rivalry off of the gridiron as well. Just minutes into Midnight yell on the capital steps in Columbia, Yell leaders and traveling Aggies found themselves in a pit of Gamecock fans. Needless to say, things did not go well.

Not to worry, the next day the Aggies would get their fans some revenge and inflict a beat down that Coach Spurrier and the Gamecocks would never forget.

Now before I come across too harsh on the Gamecocks and their fans, let’s just remember that we all would be pretty bitter too if we were married to our sisters. Just kidding… but seriously, there’s very few fan bases (other than the folks in Austin) that can compete with this group of sore losers. Consider me unimpressed.

Pro tip

The city of Columbia is absolutely brutal. If you decide to bite your tongue and make the trip to witness yet another USCe beat down, do yourself a favor and book a room in Charlestown. More bars and more women.