Texas A&M Football: Top Aggie road trips in the SEC

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Let’s just put it this way, from the second I got off the plane it was very obvious I wasn’t in the lone star state anymore. With a stadium that barely rivals the Friday night lights I played under in high school, it’s pretty difficult for the Commodores to compete in terms of facilities when they’re up against many of the heavy hitters in the South.

Other than that brief culture shock to someone like myself who’s used to upwards of 110,000 maniacs screaming for their team, the town of Nashville is unbelievable. With live music at just about every corner you walk down and enough bars to keep Ron Swanson smiling and happy, the home of the country music hall of fame checks out just fine in my book.

Pro tips:

Although the university provides supplies for tailgating for all of those in attendance, hit a couple of bars on Woodland street before kickoff. You won’t be sorry.