Texas A&M Football: Evaluating the quarterback performances in Week 2

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Kellen Mond – Areas for improvement

Movement in pocket

The Aggies offensive line started to wear down as the game went on and looked awfully tired. This didn’t give Mond the time he needs in order to succeed. I get it’s not easy to operate under pressure in any profession, but a little more poise from the freshman is what we’re going to have to see.

At times, he only focuses on what’s going on at the line of scrimmage and tries to escape pressure. I think he’s fast, but I don’t know how quick he is. He gets put under pressure in the pocket and his mechanics break down in terms of footwork. I’d like to see him stay relaxed in the pocket, even when it collapses, and see him escape pressure in a calmer manner. It’s little things like footwork that will give him more and more opportunities and put the Aggies in a better position to win.


If you look at guys like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees, they all have something in common with their receivers. No matter which receiver they’re throwing to, they are always on target. Yes, this comes with talent but what may be more crucial than natural talent is the chemistry they have with their receivers. Chemistry is knowing how each receiver runs their route and their tendencies. Each receiver runs their routes differently and the quarterback must know each one’s habits. Mond will develop this with time. It’d sure be great if he had a little bit more chemistry with Christian Kirk, so he could get more touches. For now, we’ll just have to be patient.


On a small note, if Mond expects to last very long, he needs to learn to slide when he runs. I love the aggressiveness and the fight. But we need a healthy quarterback who can throw. Nobody can throw when they’re hurt. So, if Mond will learn to slide and protect himself, he’ll last longer in the games and in his career.

Deep ball

This goes back to the chemistry and pocket presence aspects of the game. In high school, Mond had the time to let Ausbon and his other receivers run forever and then Mond could just throw it as far as he can and let them run under it. Well, in big boy, college football you don’t have the time to sit back and wait for the receivers to get 40 yards downfield before you throw it. Most of the time, the throws are made while the receivers are still covered before they come out of their break.

This is something that Mond will certainly have to develop and work on as he gets more playing time. He’s been over throwing the ball and waiting to throw some passes until it’s too late and the man is covered. As he grows and learns as a passer, this will happen less and less frequently. Don’t expect this to change overnight though.

“You can do it!” – weird guy from the Water Boy

Something else that may be getting to Kellen, is himself. If you’re reading this Kellen, know that the whole entire 12th Man is behind you right now, supporting you and your journey and your abilities. We understand that you can run the ball like a gazelle! It’s also known that you’re eighteen years old and still growing physically and mentally.

We, the 12th Man are being patient with your development and we are wishing you the best of luck! So, don’t get down on yourself anytime soon, no matter what happens this year. You have a bright future ahead of you. Us, Aggie football fans are more than excited to see what you’ll become as a sophomore and junior and maybe even a senior! Yes, we are going to be critical. Everyone is going to pitch in their two cents, but in the long run, it only matters what the coaches think. So, pick your head up, go be the best that you can be, and continue to develop. Thanks and Gig’em.