Texas A&M Football: Top 10 Running Backs in Aggie History

5 Sep 1992: Running back Greg Hill of the Texas A
5 Sep 1992: Running back Greg Hill of the Texas A /
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Texas A&M football has been graced by the presence of some elite ball carriers in its history. Who are the Aggies’ best running backs of all-time?

This is season 123 for the Texas A&M football team.  Over the years I’ve been a coaches kid, an equipment manager and a graduate assistant for the Texas A&M Aggies. There’s been several great running backs at this school and I could argue that there was about a 10-15 year stretch where A&M was known for its running backs.  Due to that stint and a heavy emphasis on the long stretches of success, who are the top 10 running backs of all time?

After looking back at the list of running backs, one could say that taking the top 10 in career rushing yards guarantees you a spot but I’ve learned a couple of things over my 41 years that there’s more to a great running back than how many yards you ran for in a game, season or career.

Before we get to the top 10, let’s look at some of the guys that just fell short.

Honorable mentions: Dante Hall, Leeland McElroy, Jorvorskie Lane, Christine Michael, Courtney Lewis, Trayveon Williams, Johnny Hector, Roger Vick, Sirr Parker

A lot of those guys have memorable plays. Perhaps none more memorable than Sirr Parker’s Big 12 Championship clinching touchdown. But to be one of the all time greats you need more than one or two big plays. You need a steady career of prolonged success. These aren’t the one hit wonders, these are the 10 best running backs in Texas A&M football history.