Texas A&M Football: 5 wrinkles to help the Aggies’ struggling offense

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Texas A&M football needs to find a new way to move the ball with Nick Starkel out for the year. Here are a few new concepts they should add to the offense.

Everyone knows the Texas A&M offense has struggled to get drives started as well as finished. Ever since halftime of the UCLA game, the offense hasn’t looked the same. Maybe it’s Nick Starkel going down with injury, maybe it’s a lack of coaching adjustments or maybe it’s something else entirely. The coaches are paid lots of money to figure it out, and I’m 100% sure that they are doing just that this week.

The struggles on the defensive side of the ball seem to feed from the offensive struggles. If the offense cannot sustain a drive, or goes three and out, the defense must get back on the field with short rest and not enough time to make sideline adjustments. Then, they are less successful and we see these drives sustained by the other offense. Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone has a system he prefers to use, and he knows it front to back. He has to, in order to have coached as long as he has, with the success he’s seen.

What we’re going to look at, in this article, is a few wrinkles I would like to see, that have been


borrowed from other successful offenses, and some concepts in between. There are many ways to “fix” the offense, and I’m surely not as qualified as Sumlin or Mazzone, but there are some concepts I would like to see added to best fit our personnel.