Texas A&M Football: Aggies’ freshman quarterback makes Mond-umental gains

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Texas A&M football was forced into starting a true freshman quarterback. After a few week it looks like Kellen Mond might be growing into the role quite well.

Sometimes, Texas A&M Football is something I wish I didn’t follow for obvious reasons related to sanity and Battered Aggie Syndrome. However, as a graduate of Texas A&M, the Aggies are my team. That means I don’t get to ditch them during the bad times. So yes, even during the choke job of the century against UCLA, Texas A&M was still my team.

However, this season hasn’t been without its silver linings. One of them is a kid named Kellen Mond. You know, the true freshman quarterback who was more or less forced into the starting role because everyone else on the depth chart got hurt. Regardless of the circumstance that caused it Mond has become the starter for the Aggies.

It’s still early in the 2017 season, and Mond will have more growing pains to deal with, but I think the young man is growing into something special. He’s started three games and the Aggies are 3-0 in that stretch. How did Mond contribute to those victories? Let’s take a week-by-week look at the progression of Mond this season.