Texas A&M Football 2017: Week 5 helmet stickers vs South Carolina

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Kevin Sumlin

You may be wondering why is coach Sumlin receiving a helmet sticker?  Or why is he receiving any praise at all?

My answer: because he deserves it.

Ever since the departure of Johnny Manziel, Kevin Sumlin has had to deal with Texas A&M fans begging for him to be fired. These same fans live in their own little fantasy lands where they believe Texas A&M football belongs alongside the Alabamas and Michigans of the college football world. News flash, we do not.

That being said, Kevin Sumlin has displayed nothing but class throughout his time as head coach of Texas A&M.  Especially as those calling for his job have begun to call even louder following his team’s historic collapse against UCLA.

Sumlin has managed to bounce back and lead his team to four straight wins following their Week 1 loss at UCLA.

His most recent victory came Saturday against South Carolina. Prior to kickoff, Sumlin was informed that his former coach and mentor Joe Tiller had passed away. Tiller not only coached Sumlin during his playing days at Purdue, but he also gave him his first coaching job as a graduate assistant. Sumlin and Tiller would end up coaching alongside each other at three different schools. You can view Kevin Sumlin’s comments on Joe Tillers passing here.

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Head coach Kevin Sumlin definitely made Tiller proud by coaching his butt off versus the Gamecocks. He made some key halftime adjustments that resulted in five sacks and 17 points in the second half.

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Texas A&M has a lot of young talent on their roster. When that is the case, good coaching makes all the difference. And since no one wants to say it, I will. Kevin Sumlin is a good coach. Sumlin will be hoping for his second career upset victory against the crimson tide as the Aggies get ready to take on Alabama in Kyle Field.

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