Texas A&M Football 2017: Midseason report card and position grades

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What can you say about this group?

They had to replace two starters at tackle but going in you had to feel good that the interior would be a strength. The staff decided to move Erik McCoy to guard and move Colton Prater to center. I was fine with that move. Going into UCLA the staff released a depth chart but on the first series that chart had already been thrown out.

The depth chart released had Koda Martin or Colton Prater at left tackle. McCoy was in at left guard. Prater was listed at center along with Ryan McCollum. Connor Lanfear was listed at right guard. At right tackle was Keaton Sutherland. This told me the staff really was unsure what they had.

After the release of the depth chart, the staff changed their mind again. The first series of the UCLA game had Prater at LT, McCollum at LG, McCoy at C, Lanfear at RG and Sutherland at RT. We would see that’s same lineup against Nicholls, but the first change would come against Louisiana.

That day we would see Martin at LT, McCoy at LG, Prater at C, Jared Hocker at RG and Sutherland at RT. Against Arkansas, South Carolina and Alabama, the lineup changed back to the start with the exception of Martin starting in place of Prater at LT. And finally against Florida, the lineup had to replace Sutherland who did not play. That start went to Dan Moore who was initially listed on the fall depth chart at right guard.

So heading into the bye week, we can all agree that the offensive line needs to be a point of emphasis. We’ve survived up to this point but without some consistency there’s no way this team can continue to live without a running game or a quarterback having to throw with a collapsing pocket.

Second half notes

Settle in on a group. I do not mind playing the twos, but make sure we do it for a spark and not when the offense has momentum. One other thing that’s still a concern is the snap. Why can we not get this fixed?