Texas A&M Football: Mid-Season Offensive MVP

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Texas A&M football is 5-2 at the midway point of their season. Through the first half, it’s time to name an offensive MVP.

While the defense has been the real star of the show this season, Texas A&M’s offense has done just enough to win the majority of their games. It’s about that time, seven games in, to pick an offensive MVP.

The Aggies have scored 225 total points this season, averaging 32.14 points per game. They’ve collected 143 first downs, 1,432 yards rushing and 1,380 yards passing to date. They average 401.7 yards per game. All in all, that doesn’t actually sound that bad.

However, having followed every game, a lot of that yardage and points came in large chunks, especially in the games against UCLA, Louisiana and Arkansas. Outside of the Arkansas game the Aggie offense wasn’t as consistent as I’d have liked. A large part of that is a struggling offensive line.

Despite having monster games against UCLA and Arkansas, the running backs and Christian Kirk have been inconsistent, especially as of late. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve actually been making catch/drop jokes about the latter, which should not be happening. So who does that leave?

Our first half offensive MVP is Kellen Mond.

Yes, the true freshman who underwhelmed in his first snaps. In spite of an inconsistent group of receivers and running backs and an offensive line that probably can’t block Pee Wee Herman on a bicycle, Mond has done just enough to get the Aggies to 5-2 overall and 3-1 in conference play. All while showing flashes of the superstar he will become once everything starts really clicking.