Texas A&M Football: Advanced stats and the Aggie defense

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Isolated Points Per Play+

Next up is Isolated Points Per Play, or IsoPPP+. Just like the offensive stat that measures explosiveness, it is the amount each play will score. A good defense limits explosive plays, but some defenses take more risks than others. A defense that never blitzes, but never stops an offense or forces a turnover may have a pretty good IsoPPP+ ranking, but they wouldn’t be a good defense. That’s why it is one of many stats used to judge defenses.

Texas A&M is just above average at 102.6, ranking 58th. We have seen many big plays given up by the Aggies, but they have also been able to take the ball away and take risks. Taking these risks is one reason the Aggies lead the nation in sacks, as they are not afraid to apply pressure to the quarterback. Leading the way in IsoPPP+ are teams such as Georgia, Washington, and Alabama. Texas A&M is in the neighborhood of Virginia Tech at 57th, Ohio at 59th, and UAB at 60th. It’s not great, but the risks do lead to rewards and stolen possessions.

Last year, the Aggies were right around the same area, at 103.4, at 55th in the nation. Right around the same area, but the 2017 Aggies are missing Myles Garrett and Daeshon Hall. In their stead, a group of young defensive linemen are creating chaos in the backfield almost on the same scale.