Texas A&M Football: Auburn jumps in Week 12 SEC Power Rankings

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With only two weeks remaining in the regular season, teams are fighting for bowl eligibility. Texas A&M football is in, but who else will make it?

The SEC has quite a few teams that have a legitimate shot at making a bowl game this season. There are some special cases, like that of Ole Miss who has a self-imposed ban on postseason play for this year. Florida is the biggest letdown of the year and Mississippi State is the biggest surprise of they year. But where to these teams fall in this weeks power rankings?

If the Aggies win out, keep him

Yes, I am talking about Kevin Sumlin. After the Mississippi State and Auburn games I was 99.9 percent ready to fire him, but after some calm and logical thinking I have made my decision. If he has the capability to win out this season, you have to keep him for a few reasons.

First, we have a young team that has looked very impressive on offense when we have all our players healthy. Secondly, Sumlin is a players coach. Firing him would not sit well with many of the players, and our recruiting would take a hit. And the third problem has to do with the rest of the SEC.

There are some major programs looking for a coach, and competing with those schools may not turn out well if we roll the dice. With all that being said, he still has to win out in order to convince me. Kevin Sumlin has done enough to keep the Aggies in the upper half of this week’s power rankings. How do the rest stack up?