Texas A&M Football: Are FSU fans concerned by the Jimbo Fisher rumors?

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Texas A&M football may be on the lookout for a new head coach soon and Jimbo Fisher is a prime target. What does the team at ChopChat think of the rumors?

We sat down with Kelvin Hunt, site expert of FanSided’s Florida State site, Chop Chat to talk about the rumors circulating around Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M. Fisher’s name popped up as a potential candidate a few weeks ago, but the news of Kevin Sumlin’s potential firing have stoked the coals of that rumor mill once again.

Aggies have high expectations for a potential incoming coach. They want to believe that Texas A&M is the type of program that can sway even the big names to come to College Station. What do the Noles think?

Q: Where does Jimbo Fisher rank among the best coaches in college football?

Hunt: I’d rank Jimbo as a top 5 coach…he’s in the same company as Nick Saban, Urban Meyer…and we can probably add Dabo Swinney in that group now. He’s a great offensive mind that recruits with a defensive mindset…an elite recruiter and has one of the highest winning percentages while always being willing to play a tough schedule.

Q: What’s the expectation that Fisher is back at Florida State next year?

Hunt: I expect Jimbo to be at FSU in 2018. He signed a big extension just last year and the administration has shown they support his vision for the program. He’s already one of the highest paid coaches in college football and I don’t see a couple more million a year offsetting all the cons of moving from FSU unless he just wants an absolute change of scenery…and I don’t believe that’s the case.

Q: What impact has the 2017 season had on the perception of Fisher among FSU fans and administration?

Hunt: A place like FSU has ridiculous expectations…even more than A&M believe it or not and perceptions on the program and Jimbo as a whole have shifted quite a bit. Some fans want him gone and some love him. The fact of the matter is this season wouldn’t have been the disaster it is if FSU didn’t have to start a true freshman QB that didn’t enroll early.

The crazy thing is despite that…this team could easily have wins over NC State, Miami and Louisville. Now there are other issues aside from the QB situation too, but that’s been the biggest x-factor in my opinion. The good thing is that quarterback has the tools to take Deondre Francois‘s job if Francois isn’t on his P’s and Q’s.

Q: What makes Florida State a more attractive job than Texas A&M?

Hunt: The only thing A&M has over FSU is money to spend. When it comes to history/tradition/prestige, access to elite recruiting hotbeds in Florida, Georgia and surrounding areas…The ACC is on par with the SEC (and actually has beaten them more head-to-head over the past three seasons believe it or not) so one can’t point to conference affiliation as a positive for A&M anymore. I’d venture to say the ACC Atlantic is tougher than the SEC West. FSU is clearly the better job and they can afford to pay a coach a big chunk of money despite not having the money A&M has.

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Q: If Fisher did leave who might Florida State consider as their next head coach?

I’ve seen Willie Taggart’s name as a popular choice and I’d likely be supportive of that..not sure it’s possible since he’s just in his first year at Oregon..but he’s from Florida and has roots there recruiting wise.