Texas A&M Football 2017: 3 Keys to victory over LSU

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Texas A&M football has one game left on their schedule against an opponent they’ve yet to beat in SEC play. Here’s how the Aggies can beat LSU this year.

Texas A&M Football won a close game against the Ole Miss Rebels last week, 31-24. Quarterback Nick Starkel didn’t have the best game, but he was able to lead the Aggies to victory and limit mistakes. Here is how him and the Aggies can win against LSU

LSU at night is one of those events that makes the SEC special. The Baton Rouge Tiger faithful are going to be at full throat from kickoff to final whistle. If the Aggies are to win for the first time against LSU in the SEC, they are going to have to make up some serious ground. But first, let’s look at how A&M did against Ole Miss.

1. Jordan Ta’amu Throws for less than 350

After the first quarter, this seemed highly unlikely. It seemed like we were in for a 65-50 type game, where the plays are made up and the yards don’t matter. Instead, coach John Chavis was able to make several great adjustments and shut down the Ole Miss offense. Ta’amu finished with 189 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. 1-0

2. 3 touchdowns to Freshmen

Nick Starkel, Keith Ford, Damion Ratley, and Derrick Tucker all had scores this game. When I wrote this, I assumed that there would be more than four scores. But even still, Starkel threw a TD and ran for one, so he counts as two. I’ll cherry pick like that, and that brings to total to three. Freshman Derrick Tucker had a great game, and added the pick-6 to win the game. 2-0

3. One risky coaching decision

I was at a wedding, and didn’t get to watch the game (#banfallweddings), and was not able to participate in the … discourse about the fourth-and-goal decision. It’s fourth-and-goal, and I’d like to punch it in, but being up seven is a huge difference from being up four. Especially when Ole Miss was able to score on explosive plays, 99 yards isn’t what it is against Florida or LSU. There were no risky decisions this game, although Sumlin may pull out all the stops against LSU this week. 2-1