Texas A&M Football: 6 Best candidates to replace Kevin Sumlin

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Dabo Swinney (Clemson)

There have been rumors circulating that the Aggies would be interested in bringing in Dabo Swinney to replace Kevin Sumlin should he be let go. Now is the time to prove that those rumors have some veracity.

Texas A&M will carry a big check book and the SEC brand into every meeting they have with potential coaching candidates. That wallet is going to have to open up pretty wide to pry the reigning national champion away from Clemson. Swinney recently signed a massive extension that should keep him at Clemson through 2024.

If the Aggies were to top Swinney’s contract, they’d be looking at shelling out upward of $7 Million a year. The administration has said money is not an object, but at some point the funds seem like they could be better spent.

Then there’s the Alabama connection. Nick Saban has to retire (or go back to the NFL) at some point, right? If he does, Swinney would figure to be the heir, apparent. He played for the Crimson Tide during his collegiate career. If Saban sticks around for a bit longer and the Aggies saved some of their money from Kyle Field renovations, hiring Swinney could be the one-in-a-million hire they need.