Texas A&M Football: 3 Reasons Les Miles isn’t an option

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1. Les Miles is 64

Age isn’t just a number in college football. People don’t coach forever, just ask retired Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops. Eventually it comes time to hang it up. While Miles might not be “out of gas” yet, he’s unlikely to be a long-term solution for any program that would consider bringing him in.

Texas A&M isn’t going to cross Miles off the list solely because he’s “too old”, but that age demographic is much more significant to the decision makers. They’re looking to turn Texas A&M into a college football powerhouse, a dynasty that builds upon itself. That’s a lot harder to achieve when you’re changing coaches midway through the process.

The current leading candidate in the Aggies’ search is Jimbo Fisher. He’s 52. If Texas A&M can find a way to keep him in College Station for two full contracts that’s somewhere in the ballpark of a decade of service, plus or minus a few years. Even then, Fisher would be 62 – still younger than Miles is right now.

Miles would be a short-term solution, and that’s not what the Aggies want or need right now at all.