Texas A&M Football: 3 Reasons Aggies are better job than FSU

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Texas A&M Football is closing in on Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher. Is Fisher leaving FSU crazy or is it proof that the Aggies’ are the better job?

In the midst of all of the coaching chaos, one of the refrains most heard from college football pundits and fans alike is that Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher should not take the Texas A&M job because it would be a step down. The belief is that the Florida State job is better than the Texas A&M job.

If you look strictly at the quality of football on the field, that is true. Texas A&M hasn’t competed in a conference championship game since the 1990s. Florida State has competed in four going back to 2010 and won the national championship in the final year of the BCS.

The quality of a school on the field doesn’t define a good or bad coaching job though. Or at least, it doesn’t all on its own. It’s just one factor to be considered among many. Texas A&M has invested so much into their program since moving into the SEC in 2012 for a reason. They want the Aggies to be one of those elite jobs and elite programs in the country.

Here are three reasons why Texas A&M is a better coaching job than Florida State.