Texas A&M Football: Aggies will win the SEC before FSU wins it all

Nick Starkel, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Nick Starkel, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /
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Texas A&M football
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Florida State players vs Texas A&M players

Parker also says that “Right now, the Noles have a group of players who could run around the Aggie and beat them on the field of play.” While I’m not doubting the Seminoles’ talent, speaking in his terms of right now, the Ags have Tyrel Dodson, Armani Watts, and Christian Kirk just to name a few guys who are beasts on the field.

Yes, we will be losing Christian Kirk this year, but I think we’ll be okay. The Aggies have tons of talent at wide receiver and with a new system, play caller and an improved quarterback, the Aggies will just get better. If anyone is doubting the Aggies’ young talent, I would highly encourage all Noles’ fans to go look up Tyrel Dodson, Tyrel Williams, Anthony Hines III, Derrick Tucker, Jhamon Ausbon, Roshauud Paul, Cameron Buckley and Nick Starkel. These guys won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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My favorite part of Parker’s piece is when he says, “The Aggies… have a group of players on both sides of the ball who haven’t shown they can even play with teams like Ole Miss and Arkansas…” I literally LOL-ed. If you couldn’t tell earlier, it doesn’t seem like Mr. Parker watched or researched the Aggies this year or the years before. If he did, he would know that since the Aggies have joined the SEC they haven’t lost to the Razorbacks and are .500 with Ole Miss.

Parker rounds out the article with something about FSU has a more successful football history. As true as this is, I really don’t care. The Aggies are starting their own history now. By hiring better and upgrading facilities, they’re trying to change things now. The past doesn’t matter.