Texas A&M Football: Ranking Aggies’ top 10 bowl games in school history

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Texas A&M Football has played in several high profile bowl games in NCAA history. How do those games rank in Aggie history?

Texas A&M Football (7-5) is about to cap off season 123 in football history. Over the years I’ve been a coaches kid, an equipment manager and a graduate assistant for the Texas A&M Aggies. There’s been several great bowl games in school history, let’s breakdown the top 10.

According to the 2017 football media guide, the Aggies have been to 38 bowl games before this year’s Belk Bowl. The record in those 38 games is 17-21. To make my top 10 list, that particular bowl game must be a win for the Aggies.

Before we get to the top 10, let’s look at two honorable mention lists. The first list consists of the best bowl games that the Aggies lost. The second list is the seven bowl games the Aggies won, but fell short to make this list.

Honorable mentions from games the Aggies lost: Independence Bowl against Mississippi State in 2000, Cotton Bowl against UCLA in 1998, Cotton Bowl against Notre Dame in 1994 and the Sun Bowl against Pittsburgh in 1989.

Honorable mentions (the other seven wins) that missed out on the top 10:  Liberty Bowl against West Virginia in 2014, Texas Bowl against Northwestern in 2011, Houston Bowl against TCU in 2001, Independence Bowl against Oklahoma State in 1981, Hall of Fame Classic against Iowa State in 1978, Presidential Cup against Georgia in 1950 and the Dixie Classic against Centre College in 1922.

I’m sure you can make an argument for several of the honorable mentions. And of course if the list criteria was different, several of the games where the Aggies lost would make the list as well. So now that we know seven of the 17 wins, let’s breakdown the other 10 wins in order.