Texas A&M Football Recruiting: Top 5 remaining targets for 2018 class

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Christian Kirk may be headed for the NFL, but the Aggies still have a handful of young receivers. Hopefully, they’ll land another one. Meet Jaylen Waddle. The young speedster has been heavily recruited by numerous of programs including Texas A&M, Alabama, Oregon, TCU and Florida State. Well, now that Tim Brewster and Jimbo Fisher are in College Station, it is looking like this young phenom will stay closer to home.

According to 247 Sports, Waddle is the fifth ranked player in Texas, the eighth best receiver in the nation, and the No. 51 player overall. With credentials like that, he’ll enhance any roster, especially one with developing passers like Texas A&M.

Who cares about size?

It never hurts to have an “excess” of young talent, especially at wide receiver where players get hurt and go through ebbs and flow all throughout the season. Adding Waddle to the roster could fill a spot that the Aggies need desperately: a deep threat. Even though I think Klyde Chriss will be a deep threat for the Aggies, he wasn’t consistently targeted throughout this past season and also focused on the return game.

Waddle is fast ladies and gentlemen. I don’t care if he’s only 5-foot-9 and 175 pounds, it’s going to be hard for those bulky safeties to get over the top of this young man if he goes deep. Take Kansas City’s Tyreek Hill as an example. He may be a smaller player, but big plays are a weekly thing for him.

Like Chirss, Waddle should get some return time too. He returned kicks and punts in high school and if he gets just an inch of space, it’s going to be difficult to catch before he takes it all the way back. Could you hand him the ball if you wanted to? For sure. Really, there’s not much this kid can’t do.

Versatility is becoming more valuable than ever in the game of football and this guy defiantly has options in terms of what he can. If he decides to come to A&M like 247 Sports, predicts him to, he could be a playmaker in multiple parts of the Aggies’ game.