Texas A&M Basketball: 3 takeaways from win vs South Carolina

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Texas A&M Basketball
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1.  If it’s not broke, don’t fix it

Tyler Davis and Robert Williams are the one-two punch that’s going to get this team to the postseason. If they’re playing smart, physical basketball it’s going to be hard for anyone to stop the Aggies in the paint. Both guys had some issues with foul trouble, but each managed to keep their composure, allowing the Aggies to continually stretch their lead through the second half.

Having a double-double machine is a rarity. Having two different players that flirt with that mark every single game is hardly believable. Yet here the Aggies are again. Davis picked up 12 points and seven rebounds. Williams added 11 points and nine rebounds.

When those two guys are succeeding on the interior this team plays at their best. Head coach Billy Kennedy doesn’t need to overthink it, and to his credit he’s allowed his two big men to be the central pieces of the Aggie offense over the past month.

A productive front court allows the back court to see more open shots, which raises the likelihood of scoring opportunities. That’s how this team plays winning basketball and they need to keep employing the same strategy for the remainder of the season.