Johnny Manziel responds to NCAA reporting $1.1B in revenue

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Former Texas A&M football standout Johnny Manziel made it well-known where he stands on the issue of paying NCAA student-athletes.

The NCAA reported nearly $1.1 billion in revenue in their 2017 fiscal year, according to USA Today Sports’ Steve Berkowitz, which unsurprisingly sparked the never-ending argument regarding the amateur status of college athletes.

According to Berkowitz: “It is the first time the association has surpassed $1 billion in annual revenue, although it had come close in two of its past three fiscal years.”

There are two valid arguments to be made for each side. On the one hand, athletes for major universities who play the three or four “big” sports earn their school boat loads of revenue. It makes sense to believe they deserve some of the pie or, at the very least, deserve to make money off their own likeness.

On the other hand, if schools started splitting revenue with the athletes, that takes money away from the scholarships they are able to hand out every year. The money brought in helps the entire athletic department at these institutions.

Not to mention the value scholarship athletes receive in terms of the education from a major university. Allowing players to profit off their likeness could also open the door for even more corruption than we’ve already seen is rampant in the NCAA.

Former Texas A&M standout Johnny Manziel, who dealt with allegations of making money off autographs during his time at the university, made it well-known where he stands on the issue with a series of Twitter posts.

No one can really question the value Johnny Football brought to Texas A&M University. He was one of the most explosive players in college football history, and his Heisman-winning campaign in 2012 combined with the move to the Southeastern Conference allowed for $400 million renovations to Kyle Field, along with millions in improvements to the practice facilities and locker room.

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He’s got beef, and the fact that it is directed at the NCAA shouldn’t come as a surprise given the latest report this morning.

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