Texas A&M Football: Johnny Manziel Shines at The Spring League

Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /

Former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel shined at his Spring League debut amidst his comeback effort. Opening day of #COMEBACKSZN arrived on a windy Saturday afternoon in Cedar Park Texas.

Kelly Reeves Stadium was full of anticipation and butterflies from players on the field trying to prove that they still have what it takes to make it in either the NFL or the CFL. The stadium was also housing, perhaps, its record number of Fightin’ Texas Aggie fans. Why would that be the case in the middle of t.u. country? Former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel was starting his comeback effort on the cold and windy field.

The Pre-Game

Swarms of maroon and white as well as Cleveland Brown orange and white stood out in the crowd. People cheered for the former student-athlete as he made his way onto the field. Kids screamed “Go Johnny Football” and one young man shed some tears when #2 signed his football card.

It was a day filled with hope; hope that this polarizing superstar would prove to the world that people can make mistakes then change for the better.

Every Johnny fan there in Cedar Park knew that the controversial Texas A&M icon could defy the odds, silence the haters and show that Mr. Manziel could still play with the best of them.

The Game

Were the elements in Johnny’s favor? Absolutely not. Did Johnny have an All-Star offensive line? Absolutely not. DId he still come out and show us that Johnathan Paul Manziel can still spin the rock? Absolutely.

On Johnny’s first drive he threw a deep bomb on the run and finished the drive off with a signature Johnny Football style touchdown. In this video (taken by yours truly), Johnny sprints out to his right and evades a rushing defender as he threads the needle to a receiver in the back corner of the end-zone for a touchdown!

This shows that Johnny can still run, think, and throw all at the same time even when under pressure. It reminisces times of him and Mike Evans lighting up Kyle Field in an electrifying style.

There were many other great moments for Johnny as well. One of them was a play-action pass that was completed for a big gain on the first drive. We even saw his legs go to work. He had multiple scrambles including a 4th down and 10 conversion in the fourth quarter to keep the game alive. Johnny took roughly half the snaps and went 9-15 for 82 yards and one touchdown.

He looked polished up for someone who has not played in a couple years. Not only was he accurate and made smart decisions, but his play action looked really nice. He faked out everyone on the field and in the stands whenever he faked the run.

Where could he improve? I know his offensive line was questionable at best, but he could have protected the ball a hair better. He let his hands get away from his body more than once and dropped the ball twice. Little things like this are what will make or break you at the next level.

Will we see Johnny on Sundays?

Honestly, only time will tell. He still has another Spring League game to play and I’m sure there will be more workouts. Rumors have been circulating that the New England Patriots are looking at him. Plus, there was someone with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats sitting with his family at the game. One thing is for sure though, if Johnny keeps playing like this and continues to improve as a leader, then he will get a shot.

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I know that the 12th Man is pulling for him and wants him to succeed. Johnny, you have all of our support here at the Gig Em Gazette and we’re wishing you the best of luck. Gig ’em and good luck on your #COMEBACKSZN!!

You can stream the second spring league game on Thursday here.

***Stats taken from Bleacher Report***