Texas A&M Football: Predicting the 2018 season through maroon glasses

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The Games That Don’t Matter

It’s easier to get the for sure dubs out of the way. These are the games on the schedule that should just immediately be chalked up as wins, and if they aren’t, the wheels will have officially come off. Aggie nation will drown in a sea of our own tears if any of these games are losses.

These are Northwestern State, Louisiana Monroe, UAB and Kentucky. Aside from the latter, the three former schools are on the schedule to offset the grueling conference slate that accompanies being in the SEC West.

Anyone who has a problem with these games being on the schedule can go kick rocks. You try playing Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Arkansas and (sometimes) the Mississippi schools every year. Oh, and sometimes Florida or Georgia. We deserve UAB in November.

Kentucky football, while fun sometimes, is never a challenge. It’s the one conference game every year that’s a guaranteed win for a team hoping to contend for national titles.

Good news, Ags! We’re already halfway to two less than 10 wins.

Overall record: 4-0